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International Conference


So this was my first conference and it was definitely something I would do again if the opportunity arises. Being able to go on a trip such as this with as many brothers as we did (total of 30), it was a moment I would cherish well after my time at Drake. The international conference not only bought the opportunity for us, the Chi Chapter, to create strong bonds between one another and with the other chapters across the country, but also the chance to attend the great workshops that professionals held on Friday. 


Many of our members enjoyed the Excel workshops, informative sessions on Excess and Surplus lines as well as Cyber-risks. Unfortunately, I stumbled across a workshop for risk-management majors, but it was informative nonetheless and you could tell that the speakers were well prepared for their topics. The career fair was a great alternative for our members who never had enough time to do their rounds at the annual Actuarial Evening on campus, and there were many more companies that was present at the conference that were not at Drake's event.


The dinner was at Navy Pier, and the view was great although a bit chilly, and some of our members took it upon themselves to put their body on the line to get the perfect picture. It was just the cherry-on-top for us winning the Bower's award, but the dinner was great to socialize with members of other chapters. 


The following day we went to Montrose Beach where we did a beach clean up with members from the other chapters. It was part of this year's agenda for conference as Gamma turned 50. At the end of conference neared, we watch gamma members dance off and enjoyed each other's company. Overall I am really glad that so many of our members were so hyped about coming to conference, whether it was for the career fair or bonding with their brothers. I can only hope that we can get as great a turnout for the coming conference. 

- Mickey Chew (Director of Public Relations)
























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