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Giving Back ~

Dear Alumni, I am sure most if not all of you at one point or another, thought about attending or did attend one of our International Conference. With the overwhelming attendance we had this year for the International Conference, and knowing that many more would have joined if not for financial constraints, we extend our search for help to you. We are collecting as of now, a fund that we will use next Fall, to compensate the expenses of members that are interested in attending the International Conference. The Chi Chapter’s goal is to make sure that every member who have the intention to attend the conference gets to do so without worrying whether or not they are able to afford the costly travel and accommodation prices.















To recognize our alumni that will be donating towards this fund. We have come up with donor tiers, that would help us show our appreciation to you for donating towards the fund. 


Donating above the $10 threshold will reach the Bronze Status 

Donating above the $25 threshold will reach the Silver Status 

Donating above the $50 threshold will reach the Gold Status 

Donating above the $100 threshold will reach the Platinum Status 


For all donors, you will be recognized in chapter and the subsequent newsletter for your donation in the one semester. You will also receive an appreciation note from members who benefitted from the fund. 


For those who reach the Silver Status, you will be receiving an Alumni GIS Pin.

For those who reach the Gold Status, you will be receiving the above pin as well as an Alumni GIS t-shirt. 

For those who reach the Platinum Status, you will be receiving the above pin as well as an Alumni GIS tumbler. 

Study Manuals ​~

We are also accepting study manual donations toward the Gamma Library that Professional Development is in charge of. This will be a great resource for our members to have access to for the exams, where study manuals offered by Professor Judd is scarce as he lends his manuals to all Actuarial Science students. Having a competitive library will hopefully draw in more students to joining Gamma. 


Manual donor will reach Gold Status, and all the benefits that Gold Status donors will receive will be given to study manual donors. 


All merchandise are specifically created for GIS Alumni that donate towards the Chi Chapter, and will not be distributed to others otherwise. We will try our best to renew these incentives every year so as to avoid repeated merchandise given out to our alumni. 





Please click on "Please donate" where you will be redirected to Squarecash where you may transfer your donation. Please note down as "ALUMNI".

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