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Drake University

Actuarial Science, Insurance & Risk Management Fraternity

Fall 2015 Recruitment


     A new semester has begun and it is the recruitment season again! As the saying goes, “A Risk Not Taken Is An Opportunity Lost”. We came out with a “Wanted” theme portraying that risk-takers are wanted for our fraternity as we are a fraternity that manages risk. A recruitment video that aligns with our core competencies – friendship, integrity, fidelity, and knowledge is made. The main concept of the video is to exhibit that the members of our organization have faithful brotherhood, as well as exceling both professionally and socially.






















     We met with a lot people with great potential during Activities Fair, and we got to know them better at the Meet and Greet session. The potential new members had a chance to talk to our brothers and get to know more about our organization. We were a little worried at first, because the number of people who actually show up for Meet and Greet is far less compared to the number of people who sign up during the activities fair. However, we continued to send them reminders about recruitment week events and the number of people signing up for interviews continued to rise. Game Night was a blast because everyone was so pumped and enthusiastic in answering the trivia questions. Our original plan for our off-campus event was a barbecue party, but it had to be cancelled because of the bad weather. We moved indoors instead but it turned out well as we play board games together and even take turns to sing on stage.






















     We had interviews with 21 people and 19 people of them accepted the bid. It is exciting that we have new members with different backgrounds and each of them have shown great passion for Gamma. I can’t wait to watch them grow and discover their potential in Gamma, and I am sure that they will continue to strive and make Gamma a better organization!

- Natalie Chai (Director of Recruitment and Ritual)​

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